Friday, April 23, 2010

Another day on the farm

Ok so today I decided that we needed to come up with a name for our growing little farm. I thought of some and then looked on line and found other farms with the same names. So I asked my family for some ideas (hahahaha). Not such a good idea, most of them looked at me like I had grown a 2nd head, or a 3rd arm. We, or I should say I, got a lot of stuff done outside today, even though it did storm this morning, it ended around 10 am and we had clear beutiful skys after that (praying for it to hold out the rest of the weekend). Bob went to go sell our monthly gathering of cans and recyclable metals, while on the way home my sister called with an emergancy. It seems that she ordered a load of mulch from a local lawn service. This was to be their small load, let's just say that if this was small I would hate to see large. It took up her entire driveway. So in an attempt to keep her loving HAO natzies off her back, he went to go help her spread what she needed (which was not very much to begin with) and bring the rest of it home. let's just say it is 10:40 p.m. here and he is making his fourth and final trip to move mulch, every load has been huge that he brought home. We should have plenty to fill the flower beds, and spread over the garden spot to till in (Hum, maybe this is the reason that god has made it nearly impossible for me to break ground on the garden yet?). I, on the other hand, have been at the homestead working on the fencing and putting up a gate all day. I changed the design of the wood on the fence in an attempt to maximize the amount of fencing that we can put up. In the process of that I also changed the location of the green house based being out in the yard all day, i was able to find a location that would recieve lots of the benifitial morning son and just enough of the afternoon sun to keep the temp elevated, but not boil the plants.
I also managed to come up with an idea for the remainder of the previous owners privacy fencing. Besides making a wishing well, I have decided to use the wood, what is useable of it, and make the chicken coop out of it. I must take admit that I took a moment and patted myself on the back for that one. I am getting so much better at finding new uses for the older things in our possession.
Last night I also found the coolest web site for those of us that are converting to the old ways of life for most of our means of survival. Mary Janes Farm, Farmgirl connection!!!! Ok so it is not new but it is new to me. I spent hours on it last night when I should have been sleeping. they have local area chapters of "farmgirls" who are learning to live simply and within our means. Unfortunately there wasn't a chapter for our area (strange because we are a strong farming community), so what did I do? I signed up to form a chapter in our area. Homegrown Girls will be launching as soon as our chater information arrives. they even have junior and beginner steps for the kids!!!! hopefully next week I can sign up for the marit badges and we can really start having fun.
wow I think this is the longest I have rambled on about the farm and our life out here. Hope to be able to post some pictures next week. Good night all.


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