Tuesday, April 13, 2010

Slow and steady wins the race

Ok so no luck so far finding someone to plow up the garden for me, but we did finally decide on one of the types of chickens we are getting. Nana want's old English Banties. problem is she seems to think we need a rooster with them (if we get a rooster he is going to be penned up right inside her room to drive little bit crazy!!!). We are going to Uncle Tommy's this Saturday so I have a lot to get finished before then from school to farm work. Looked up information today on living off the grid, man that would be so nice not to have to pay the man for the privilage of living. Looking forward to this summer when we will hopefully have most of the Farm up and running. Might not have the goats, those will probably have to wait till next year, but I will have my chickens, the coop built, the garden in, and the shop up and running. I know that is a tall order, but since this is something I have dreamed of all my life, I am going to push myself to the limits. Nana has decided that she will take care of running the house so that I can concentrate on the farm and school. she has taught kaylynn how to do the laundry (now if she will just keep it up), david does alot of things around the house too, but for the most part they are both outside with me working on a daily basis (if I could just get them to stop complaining about it) sometimes I am not sure these are my children, they are so opposite of how i was growing up, but i guess genetics has a lot to do with it. Bless his heart, bob puts in a full 8-9 hour day at work then comes home and starts working on the yard and the farm with me. His birthday is less than a month away, I am hoping to be able to do something special for him.


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