Monday, April 19, 2010

Weekend recap

Let's see, Friday the kids and I worked on putting up more fence. It went well until they started getting tired, then we started having more accidents. Bob turned his ankle, but it is doing better. We went to Uncle Tommy's on Saturday and had a great time. The kids helped do some work around his place, he fixed our weedeater, and Bob mowed the yard for him. Talked to Michael and Shanna about taking Haley and Matthew for a week this summer so that they can spend time with Nana. Marshall is still a little to young to spend that much time from his mother. Sunday I repotted alot of the garden plants because we still haven't got the graden plowed up, and thanks to the rain we won't for awhile. I am in my last 3 weeks of my school, so I told the kids to be ready to start back to school next week, also told Harley to be ready for classes this summer, she is excited about it. The part that is sad about the summer school is the fact that all 3 kids will techniqually be on the same level despite their age differances. If I could get away with suing a school district I would. Nessa wants to help with the kids schooling this summer, she wants to work with them on their writting lessons. Planning a couple of camping trips this summer for field trips.


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