Tuesday, April 27, 2010

Wonderful Tuesdays

Well lets see, the day started out really bad. Nana woke up not feeling well, the kids woke up in bad moods and my sunburn is hurting worse than the day after i got it. But the day got 100% better when I sold my dishwasher!!! I know some of you are thinking "is she crazy" well probably but we don't use it so why keep it. Now I can go get some more materials to work on the outside of the house!!!!
Lets see I have come up with some new ideas for water conservation around here thanks to my dad. I am going to reroute the drains from the showers and the washing machine into the rain water system in order to garuntee a constant supply of water for the plants, and before you ask yes I use organic bio degradeable washing detergents and stuff like that. Once I get all the materials together to do this I am calling a Family day so everyone bettered be watching for the email :).
Didn't get much done around here today cause everyone feeling so bad, but I did manage to find some much needed items on Craigslist. Got about 30 foot of 2 inch PVC and a bunch of ceder planks and 2x4's. Welp that is about it for today. Hope everyone has a wonderful week.


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