Monday, May 31, 2010

Oh the trials and trivulations of living on a farm

Wow what a month it has been!!!
Happy Memorial Day everyone!!!!!

Let's see where to begin, first our AC is out of commission. We had already made the decision to go without it for as humanly possible in this Texas heat, yet after 3 days the heat had taken it's toll on my grandmother. We were going to turn it on to cool the house down and discovered that our outside components had been stolen. Lovely, lovely. We are hoping to get a couple of window units this week until we can afford to fix the unit.

We finally got the chickens. We have a little red silkie rooster, a blue silkie rooster and 3 blue hens. They are all around 3 months old so we will have eggs by the end of the summer!!! Spent the last 2 days building the coop, hope to have it finished today, then I have to get the fence strung around the pen and a canopy put up and they will have their new home!!!

Kids are doing great. David informed me the other day that this summer he was going to open a lemonade stand so that all the people in our area can come get a glass of lemonade when they get thirsty while working. Kaylynn is a typical pre-teen. She has decided that country life is not for her, she has started a campaign to go live with my sister. "There is nothing to do out here" is her latest opinion. I know kids will be kids but good grief.

I have been outside so much that I have managed to get 4 sunburns on top of each other (yes it hurts) but I discovered something that takes the sting out better than aloe, Apple Cider Vinegar. I was rinsing my hair in it the first night and when it ran down over my shoulders talk about burning and painful, but I woke up the next morning and the burn didn't hurt. I am still red, and there is still heat but no pain from the burn.

Whelp time to get busy, our little rooster just crowed so that means it's time to get moving.

Thursday, May 13, 2010

Wow what a month

Wow it is hard to believe that May is half way over. I noticed it's been awhile since I posted but we have be so busy it's not funny. The garden is halfway in, if I am luck we will get a late crop, although the corn is already 4 inches high and I just planted it last week. Work is slow on the outside right now because I have been having sever allergy attacks, although it is no wonder with the high pollen counts we have been having. Allergy testing is going to have to wait until the blooming season is over, I can't go more than 2 days without my meds and the Dr. wants me off them for 5 days before the test, hahahaha he is a funny man.

Had a big birthday party/housewarming party for Bob this last weekend. Almost the entire family was here, and believe it or not (for those of you that know my family this is a rareity) there was only one big blow up and because of it that person was asked to leave. I am however now a firm believer in Karma, because on the way home he had a blow out.

I am trying to get the kids back on a school schedule now that my classes are done for the year, however I think I have come to the conclusion that we are now classified as Unschoolers, the work gets done, just not in the order that I would like and not as quickly as I would like. But since the main point of homeschooling them was so that they would actually learn something, and strangly enough they are learning, I guess I can't complain to much.

We are going to be starting on their 4H Clothing Capers this summer and when I told my sister about it, she cried. She told me that she wished someone had taught her how to sew when whe was younger. I was married and out of the house by the time she was old enough to really learn, so I told her to have herself and Harley here on Saturdays and I would teach them both (this could prove to be interesting because I have seen her attempts at sewing, we have alot of bad habits to break).

Welp the kids are up and sorta moving around I gues it is time to start breakfast and get the washing done. Have a great week everyone.

Monday, May 3, 2010

Weekend recap

Well lets see where to begin. Lets see another severe allergy attack on Friday, finally broke down and called the allergiest in order to redo my allergy testing and get back on my shots. Yippee!!!! We are coming into finals week at school so it is time to buckle down on the kids and get lesson plans started for next week!!!!

Saturday we cleaned up around here, the neighbors do not believe in trash cans and apparently niether did the people that owned the farm before us. We had threats of rain all weekend but only got a half an inch all weekend.

Yesterday, Bob got out there and burned off the rotted lumber and some of the trash. I ended up sewing 2 purses for Nessa, one for a friend of her's birthday and the other one for her. Made up my mind to turn my great grandmother's old sewing machine back to a treadle machint. I love sewing with that machine and would really love to experiance it in it's original granduer.

Today the guy came out and plowed up my garden area, YEAH!!!!!!!! Finally get to put the garden in, was gonna go put the tomotoes in the ground a little will ago and looked out side to find it raining, joy. Oh well, it will be easier to plant when the ground is softer from the rain.

I guess I am going to go back to cleaning the house, the kids are cleaning their rooms and I am doing laundry.