Monday, May 3, 2010

Weekend recap

Well lets see where to begin. Lets see another severe allergy attack on Friday, finally broke down and called the allergiest in order to redo my allergy testing and get back on my shots. Yippee!!!! We are coming into finals week at school so it is time to buckle down on the kids and get lesson plans started for next week!!!!

Saturday we cleaned up around here, the neighbors do not believe in trash cans and apparently niether did the people that owned the farm before us. We had threats of rain all weekend but only got a half an inch all weekend.

Yesterday, Bob got out there and burned off the rotted lumber and some of the trash. I ended up sewing 2 purses for Nessa, one for a friend of her's birthday and the other one for her. Made up my mind to turn my great grandmother's old sewing machine back to a treadle machint. I love sewing with that machine and would really love to experiance it in it's original granduer.

Today the guy came out and plowed up my garden area, YEAH!!!!!!!! Finally get to put the garden in, was gonna go put the tomotoes in the ground a little will ago and looked out side to find it raining, joy. Oh well, it will be easier to plant when the ground is softer from the rain.

I guess I am going to go back to cleaning the house, the kids are cleaning their rooms and I am doing laundry.


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