Saturday, December 18, 2010

New Babies

Minnie Blessed us with triplets

Oreo a little buckling

Molly a doeling

Lady a doeling
Massey blessed us with a wonderful miracle who survived a dog attack while her mother was 2 months along with her

Lucky a doeling

Recapping 2010

Wow it's been an eventful and tough year. We have officially been on the farm for 1 year as of the 15th of this month!!! Talk about coming a long way from a city family to a country family (hahaha).

Wow May was the last posting I put on here, a lot has happened since then. We finally got our Goats in July. We have decided on Dwarf Nigerian's because of their size and sweet disposition. We got Pepe, a blue eyed buck, Minnie, Miracle, and Massey, our sweet girls, and Blue, a Pygmy buck just cause he was so cute.

Pepe Le Pew, and yes he lives up to his name

Minnie Pearl, she is the leader of the pack

Massey is my survivor. She and her baby survived a dog attack back in September that resulted in the lose of her sister Miracle and our little Blue. We have come along way since that fateful day, the fence has been reinforced and the barn has been completed along with a coop expansion.
Pepe' and the girls have provided us with 4 beautiful blue eyed babies, 3 does and 1 buckling. Minnie had triplets and Massey had a single birth. Massey has turned out to be a better mother than I thought she would be since this is her first freshening.
I have learned alot about about goats in the last 5 months and still more to go. The chickens are not doing as well as I hopped they would. We might have gotten a dozen eggs over the last 4 months, not sure if it is stress or what is going on. I have a suspesion that it is the stress of being moved as well as age. My older chickens are at the end of their reproductive cycles and the Pullets are coming of age during the winter which is a rough time for egg laying anyway.
The summer was just to hot for my garden to survive. We got tons of Okra but every little of everything else. I am thinking about planning smaller raised beds for next year. I think that I had huge ideas that would have worked great if not for ten thousand other issues arising. This last semester in school was rough, lots of senior level classes that just about caused me to lose what little bit of sanity I have left.
I had to give up on homeschool the kids unfortunately due to several events that occured this last 6 months. Most of you know the major events that I am speaking of from untimely deaths to major health issues. My grandmother was placed on Hospice back in September and it has been rough around here, but thankfully my mother has moved back home to help me out.
Both of the kids appear to be doing good in public school, and it helps that we live in a small school district. Kaylynn is looking forward to being involoved in FFA when she is old enough and David is just happy to be doing anything.
As I said earlier my girls blessed us with 4 of the cutiest babies I have ever seen (with the exception of my babies :)) I will post pictures of them in another blog. We are gearing up for a wonderful Christmas this year, just hopeing not as white as last years Christmas. the kids are out for Christmas break and I am done for this semester so we are getting down to the nitty gritty of decorating and shopping, though not as much as the years before, but the kids seem to be understanding about it.
Welp guess that is about it, if I don't get a chance to get back on here before the end of the year We wish everyone a Blessed Christmas and a Very Happy New Year.