Thursday, March 17, 2011

Well March is upon us (ok so it's half over)

Lets see where do we go from here??? Ok well Millie, my registered doe, is expecting and it looks like twins to triplets again. We purchased a new Doeling at the end of February and also have a new buckling that will be here around the first of April.
We sold the Doelings that were born in December this week, they are delivered to a new loving momma, and surprisingly enough the girls have not been real upset about it. Still have 2 little wethers to find homes for so that is next on the list. Pepe' has lived up to his end of the "let's keep you deal" I wasn't sure I really wanted to keep my own buck, however he as proven that he can help support this mess of a family, He is on his second stud service of multiple does with hopefully more to go.
I am half-way through this spring semester already yet it feels as though we jsut started school. I have to buckle down this weekend and do my homework for Monday however, cause the excuse I didn't have time will not ply when we have had 2 weeks to complete it in.
March came in like a Lion out here so I am hopeing that it will go out like a Lamb. We are preparing for the move and I would just like for it to go as smoothly as possible. One more clich in the system and I might loss my mind!!!