Sunday, August 7, 2011

Rick Perry Prays for America

OK so I am going on my soap box again:
Let me see if I have this straight, we as Americans are supposed to be tolerant of other religions as we have declared in OUR Bill of Rights through the First Amendment that all people shall have the freedom of religion, this also created the separation of church and state through the Establishment Clause and the Free Choice Clauses of the First amendment. This being said, and having studied the Constitution in several of my classes, I DO NOT SEE ANYWHERE IN THE UNITED STATES CONSTITUTION, OR IN THE BILL OF RIGHTS, ANY STATE CONSTITUTIONS OR OTHER AMENDMENTS, SUPREME COURT HEARINGS OR CONGRESSIONAL LAWS, where a politician, political leader, officer of the law, etc is not allow to express and practice his/her personal religious views. Rick Perry did not force a mandatory prayer on anyone, he didn't say that if you don't do this you will be fined (unlike our current president who says that we have to have health insurance or else we will have to pay a penalty on our income taxes).
Yes, I understand that most of us do have a problem with our president being Muslim, I get that, however would we really have a problem with it if we hadn't been so brutally attacked by a radical terrorist group who bases their actions off of the Muslim faith? Would it surprise people to know that one of the greatest presidents in our history did not call himself a christian, nor did he see himself as a religious man? Guess what Abraham Lincoln in fact didn't find Christ until the Battle at Gettysburg!!! Here is another one, Herbert Hoover was a Quaker, oh man I can see the redneck flair up now over a pacifist, who can swear no oath being our president (but then again so was Nixon and we all know how messed up he was ;))
I guess my point is GIVE IT UP!! So what if the Governor of Texas wants to pass out a voluntary invitation to join him in Prayer for OUR country, he didn't hurt you, he didn't make any threats, he didn't down anyone for not being there or for being involved. At this stage in time with the economic crisis's that we are facing, the epidemic unemployment rates, the severed drought conditions and the state of overall general moral in OUR country I am happy to have anyone, no matter what religion pray for us to whatever god, goddess, deity, or false idol they want as long as someone/thing hears us!!!