Thursday, October 20, 2011

Which is Thicker: Blood or water?

Well once again I let it happen, I relied on someone in my blood family to help me and what happened, "oh so and so needs me to come to help them, I'm sorry you don't mind do you?" Well you know what YES I FUCKING MIND!!!! But I didn't say that because I am not the one to rock the boat. All I have to say is I am done. You want me to be there when you need me, you want me to tell you how happy I am for you, You want this, you want that from me, but when I NEED something from you tough fucking shit, some bitch that you have known for less than 6 months calls and you drop everything to go be with her and help her, AND SHE IS NOT EVEN LEGALLY, THROUGH MARRIAGE OR BLOOD, PART OF YOUR FAMILY YET!!!! I have NEVER put a man and his family, especially his family, above you and what you asked. Hell
sometimes, no most times in the last years I have put you and yours before me and mine. That's fine, you have asked me to be open and honest with you so here goes, sit down and buckle up because trust me sista you ain't gonna like what I have to say.
You are a slut; you have slept with more people, men and women, than anyone else I know. You do truly take after your mother on that aspect, and no my nana, yeah MY NANA, is not your mother, I am talking about the one that you call "outhouse" the one that is only good enough for you to associate with when you need something from her. Your daughter is a prissy assed, spoiled little brat who is growing up to be a little slut just like you. Never have I, nor would I let my daughter dress and act like you do. She climbs all over grown men and rubs on them in ways that no 8 year old should and has done this for years. I am no longer comfortable with her around my son or my husband because I cannot live in fear that she will scream sexual assault as she has been taught.
I cannot stand your fiancĂ©. He is a smart mouthed, know it all ass-hole who thinks he is hot shit, well news flash he isn't and NO ONE LIKES HIM!!! At least no one on “this side of the family”,
as you so fondly like to call us. And his little thief of a nephew or cousin, whatever that kid is, needs to stay the hell away from my daughter. But oh wait I don't have to worry about that because my kids aren't good enough anymore to hang out with you and to be part of your "perfect little family"!!!! Well news flash bitch your little slut daughter or daughters as you like to call
I am done sitting and waiting and hoping that you realize what you are doing. Hell no you are so blind that you can't see it but here goes, HE LOOKS, ACTS AND REMINDS EVERYONE THAT HAS MEET HIM OF JAMES SNOW!!! How’s that for a punch in the gut bitch. Once this is published you can count on one thing, I am done with your sorry ass. We used to be so close, but now you are going around saying shit about me, and listening to shit that people are telling you about me and what I say, well so be it. I am telling you right here, right now GO TO HELL BITCH cause I have been there, and it ain't pretty and you know what just like you weren't there when I needed you for anything over this past year, unless it benefited you, I will NOT be there
for you. In fact you will be lucky to be able to find me or my family because
Bitch I am outta here!!!!!


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