Thursday, December 8, 2011


OK so last night about 1/8 of a mile from my house we had a 2.7 earthquake. I know that is not very big to some of you but to us Texans it is huge!!! Especially being that close to my house.
Out of curiosity and the fact that I firmly believe that these earthquakes that we have been seeing in an increase number in our region of the United States are a direct result of the Fracking that has been going on I decided to do some research. Now please note that this is just preliminary research and what I could find rapidly on-line but I will be digging further into this to see exactly how right I and several others are in the belief.
We do have a couple of good size fault lines running through Texas, for the most part they have been inactive for a really long time, estimates vary from 15-20 million years from what I read. I know the USGS has increase seismic testing in the Tarrant, Dallas, and Johnson county areas over the last year so if the faults are becoming active again we will at least have some early knowledge of it. Now that being said, I have one thing to say: before they started all of this drilling/fracking there had been about 50 small seismic reports from 1996-2006 since the drilling or fracking has started we have had almost the same amount in a 2 year span and if you look at the concentration on the USGS maps most of the seismic activity has been centered around major drilling operations. country wide we have also experienced a jump of 4000+ from 2009 to 2010 (when most of the drilling increased)


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